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How to write the perfect online dating profile

To be successful at online dating, the first thing that you must ensure that you get right is your online dating profile.

This string of words and sentences are going to be the first thing that other members will read about you, so you must make sure that it gives off a good impression.

You must remember that if you were meeting someone in person then they would be able to get a sense of what sort of person you are from your mannerisms and body language and through the way that you are dressed.

Similarly, if you were to talk to someone over the phone then they would be able to get an inkling of the sort of person you are from the way that you speak, what you say and the way that you express yourself.

However over the Internet you unfortunately do not have these ways of determining what sort of a people the other members are, because you only have their online dating profile to go by.

So we have constructed a quick guide, that if you adhere to, should help you write the perfect online dating profile to attract Mr or Miss Right.

  • Firstly, and most importantly, do not lie in your dating profile. You will be asked to fill in a questionnaire about what you look like, so your height, hair and eye colour etc. so make sure you tell the truth.

    Just remember you will hopefully want to meet up with people that you talk to through the online dating site and if you do, they will soon find out that you were lying. If you say you are 24 years old and 5ft 10" with long blond hair, but turn up as a 45 year old who is 4ft 10" then I think they would be able to tell you were stretching the truth. If you are caught lying then this would give your date every right to walk away there and then, so be honest.

  • Try and make yourself sound as interesting and funny as possible. You have to remember that there are probably hundreds of other profiles on the online dating site that fit the rough description that you give of yourself.

    So your personal profile needs to set you apart from the rest. The personal profile is where you can, and should, capture your personality and make yourself stand out so that someone of the opposite sex will feel that they just have to meet you.

    Try to steer clear of the usual; 'I like to have fun', and 'I like going to the cinema and socializing with friends', as every other person's profile is going to say that. If you have an intriguing hobby or interest that you don't think that many other people would know about, include that, it will end up making a good conversation topic and make you stand out.

  • Similarly, when talking about yourself and your personality it always comes across better, and is more believable, if you demonstrate the qualities that you have, rather than describing them.

    If you consider yourself as a funny and witty person then write something funny, don't simply say, "My friends say I'm funny". This phrase in it's self, not only shows a lack of confidence, as it sounds like you almost don't believe it yourself, but also sounds slightly fake, as anyone could say that. It's much better to demonstrate the fact that you are funny, with maybe a funny quote or joke or simply write in a funny manner, so people can judge for themselves if they think you are funny.

  • Another point that is extremely important when writing your online profile, is that you remain confident and self-assured. When talking about yourself and anything else that you might write about in your personal profile, always be positive. If you have negative thoughts about yourself, then don't mention them, there is no need to draw attention to these flaws.

    If you were to meet up with someone that you meet through online dating then they may not have the same opinion, so don't put the idea into their head, let them make up their own mind about you.

  • Finally, it is essential that you upload a picture to your profile, if you are able to do so, preferably a few photos. This shows the other members of the online dating site that, not only are you a real person but what you look like, so that they can see if they find you attractive or not.

    When choosing a photo to use, always choose a nice photograph that you feel happy with, that you feel captures the real you. Remember if you choose a really flattering photo that doesn't really look like you, like one from when you were younger for example, then your date could feel mislead and let down when you meet, so it's best to be honest.

  • So hopefully these guidelines will help you have a very successful online dating experience, and for more online dating advice check out the rest of the site and why not sign up today.