Online Dating Tips

First Date Conversation Topics

Those first dates can be a daunting experience but remember, you are both on a first date and the chances are that your date is also nervous and worried about what to talk about.

It is perfectly natural to feel nervous before your first date but we hope you find the following tips / ideas useful.

Avoid talking about:
  • Previous relationships. This can be a sore subject for some people and is far too serious and personal for a first date.

  • Politics. This subject is far too serious for a first date and you are very unlikely to find someone with the same political views as you, so is more likely to push you apart than bring you together.

  • Money. Don't talk about how much money either of you make this is far too serious for a first date and too personal.

  • Religion. Again like politics this is a far to heavy subject for a first date and will most likely divide you as you are likely to have very different views.

Try asking about:
  • Their siblings, this can be a safe topic and will show your caring side and that you are interested in their family life.

  • Hobbies and interests, this can help to see if you have things in common and therefore trigger more things to talk about.

  • Current job and career aspirations if they have any.

  • Friends and work colleagues.

  • You can ask about favourite foods and also travelling experiences or aspirations, if you are well travelled yourself you may have been to the same places or been to places that they wish to visit.

Most importantly:
  • Keep talking, don't let the conservation dry up but make sure it isn't you doing all the talking. Ask them questions and listen to the answer so you can then ask leading questions that show that you are interested in what they are saying.

  • Also if things are going particularly well then you can talk about things that you could do together and this will hopefully lead onto a second and third dates.