Online Dating Advice

Staying Safe While Online Dating

Before trying online dating in the UK you want to know that you are going to be safe, especially with all the horror stories you hear about people you find online, but if you follow our safety tips for dating online then you should be able to find your perfect partner with no problems at all. Because the truth is it doesn't take a lot to minimise the risks involved and potentially eliminate then altogether.

  • Keep your password confidential

Choose a password that you can easily remember without having to write it down, but that is also unusual and something that someone wouldn't be able to guess. For example your name, or a child's name are quite obvious choices and could easily be guessed by someone that knows you.

  • Do not give out personal information

We suggest keeping all your personal information secure in the first stages of getting to know a potential partner online, this includes your email address and other information about your personal identity. You will have to give your email address when you sign up to the dating site, but this information is kept confidential and will not be given out to anyone else online, this is so Cheeky-Dates can contact you if another online dater is interested in your profile. We suggest you use the secure online dating messaging service until you feel you know the person well enough to give them any personal information. This will ensure that if you were to run into the inevitable creep online your identity will be completely safe.

  • Use your common sense

It seems silly having to say this but it is very important. You may feel that you have made a connection with someone that you have just met on an online dating website but you must remember that this is because of a loss of inhibitions from being anonymous whilst online dating. So take things slowly, get to know the person through our online messaging service first and then when you feel completely comfortable you can proceed to phone calls and even a first meeting, but only when the time is right. It is sometimes good to be spontaneous, but make sure you don't rush into something because it sounds fun or exciting if you don't feel you know the person well enough. You must remember that online dating isn't about reinventing yourself, it's about finding someone that you are most compatible with, which means you should always be yourself. It may seem like an exciting adventure to jet off to the Caribbean with someone that you have been in contact with via an online dating service, but is it really sensible? Make sure you keep your wits and instincts about you.

  • Trust your instincts

Like we said previously remember to take things slowly when dating online, even if things feel right immediately, remember that you don't know that everything this person is saying is the truth so just trust your instincts. If you feel the other person is pressuring you into a meeting, then do not agree to it until you feel completely comfortable, and don't be scared to say no. Remember if this person is your ideal match, then they will understand your pace and wait until you are ready. Always talk to the person on the telephone at least once, preferably several times, before agreeing to meet your online date. If you don't feel comfortable giving out your telephone number, then ask for their's and remember to withhold your caller ID before making the call. Also ask for a picture, if you don't already have one, before agreeing to meet your online date, so you can not only see what they look like, but so you can be sure you are meeting the right person. Look out for any inconsistencies in their history or any stories that you hear about their life. Try and ask very informative questions so you can get as much information about the person as possible to check they match with what they have said in their online profile on the dating site. But most importantly remember that you don't have to meet with everyone that you have contact with when dating online. Some people will clearly not be right for you and if you feel this then don't be afraid to politely tell them before things get to a phone call or meeting. This is the beauty of online dating, you make the choices that are right for you, so don't be afraid to make those choices, if something doesn't feel right then trust your instincts and say so.

  • Make sure you stay realistic

You have to remember that you are probably not going to find Prince/Princess Charming using our free online dating service straight away, and most of the online dates you have may not amount to anything, so make sure your expectations are realistic and you are not aiming too high. Also don't believe that everyone that contacts you is worth your time, and don't be disheartened if your first date decides that they don't want a second. It's easy to take things personally but remember it's for the best, you need to find a mutual attraction not just somebody to adore. You also need to be realistic when it comes to geography, internet dating will allow you to access profiles of people all around the UK, but do you really want to travel that far to see your online date? Try and find someone that is a realistic distance from where you live, because if things go well you will have to travel that distance everytime you wish to see them.

  • Arranging the First Date

First dates should always be in public, some people think that a restaurant is ideal (why not have a look at our Creative Date ideas if you fancy something a bit more exotic.) A restaurant is a good place however because it can give you something else to concentrate on in those awkward silences and also you can see how your date behaves in public. Remember not to drink too much on a first date (if at all) so you can pay full attention to every detail of your online date, so you know if you want a second and also to ensure you make a good impression and stay alert. Try and take your own car if possible or arrange to have a friend to pick you up and tell as many people about the date as possible. Hopefully these will be unnecessary precautions but it's better to be safe than sorry.

  • Take notice of the warning signs

Not everyone you meet whilst online dating will be as they appear and some will not have the same morals and outlooks on life that you do. Some people will be pretty good at hiding the true agenda, so be aware of some of the warning signs:

-If they avoid answering questions directly, especially about issues that are important to you.
-If they make demeaning and disrespectful comments about you or other people.
-If they are inconsistent with information about the basics, especially things like marital status, children, etcand also age, appearance, and education.
-If they do not look like they described or you saw in their profile picture.
-If they are physically inappropriate
-If they pressurise you into meeting quickly
-If they avoid telephone conversations

So when online dating remember all these key factors and you should have a safe and happy online dating experience and hopefully find your ideal match. Just always remember to take things as slowly as you need to until you feel completely comfortable, don't let anyone pressure you into anything and don't be afraid to let people down or say no. Don't feel that you have to apologize if you wish to leave a date early or cancel a date if you are not ready, just think the only person you have to answer to is yourself at the end of the day, so do what makes you happy.

  • Don't panic

The vast majority of people that you are going to meet whilst online dating will be very genuine and likeable people, just like yourself, just looking for a date and a bit of fun. However we do advise you to treat everyone with caution until they prove themselves otherwise, but it's important that you don't let one occasional dodgy character spoil your experience. But if you happen to have contact from another Member then you should use the "Report this profile" link to alert our team.