Online Dating Advice

Online Dating Do's and Don'ts

When you decide to arrange a date with a potential partner from a UK online dating service here are some Do's and Don'ts for you to bear in mind.

  • Try and look your best and be on time on your first online date - this will all help to make a good first impression.

  • Make sure you have fun. It is a serious process trying to find your perfect match but dating should be fun so keep it that way.

  • Compliment your date whenever possible, they have probably put in a lot of effort to look they way they do so make sure you flatter them.

  • Listen to the stories that your online date tells you.

  • Be interesting and also interested in what your date has to say, make eye contact and ask them leading questions about the stories that they tell you, to show that you were listening.

  • Date people that you find attractive and interesting, online dating websites make it easier to find exactly what you are looking for, whether it be a person of a particular religion or with similar interests to yourself.

  • Let your date down gently if you are not interested in seeing them again, do not lead them on into thinking there will be a second date if you know that you will not be arranging one.

  • Stay positive. Remember online matchmaking is not always going to be perfect, you are going to meet people that aren't right for you, but look at this positively and don't let it get you down or put you off finding that perfect match.

  • Make dating happen for yourself, the perfect person is not just going to come and knock on your door so you have to get out there and actively look, this is where online dating is ideal.

  • Try and be in contact and surround yourself with like-minded people that will encourage you to look for your ideal person, preferably other single people who are looking to find dates themselves.


  • Lie. The truth will always come out in the end and you do not want some little lie you tell to ruin things if they become serious.

  • Call someone more than once in a day if they do not answer, it will make you appear desperate and this may scare your date off.

  • Go for the same type of people that it usually doesn't work out with, as it's likely to happen again and it probably means you are not suited to this type of person so try dating someone that you wouldn't usually go for.

  • Appear to be free all the time, if you have nothing else to do all week your date does not need to know as this will make you appear uninteresting. Make them believe that you have things going on in your life but don't lie about specifics.

  • Give out too much personal information. It is very important with online matchmaking that you keep as much information about your identity a secret as possible, you need to find out all you can about your online date before you can truly trust them.

  • Forget your personal safety whilst using an adult Internet dating website, always make sure you have a mobile phone with you and know exactly how you are getting home, also make sure friends or family know that you are going on the date and where.

  • Be rude or get too drunk on a first date, maybe have a couple to loosen up but keep total control at all times.